Nutmeg Spinners Guild


Welcome to the home of the Nutmeg Spinners Guild! Nutmeg Spinners Guild is Connecticut’s statewide guild for handspinners.  The Guild has been an active part of Connecticut’s fiber arts scene for more than 20 years.  Our membership is large and diverse, coming from throughout Connecticut and nearby states.

We meet five times a year on the first Saturday of the month in October, February, April and June. In December we meet the second Saturday. Meetings usually run from about 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

June 1

Fiber Playground
Come And Play With Silk!
Presented by Terri Guerette

Silk is an interesting fiber to spin. In this workshop we will learn about how silk is made, the different types of silk and preparations for spinning, and we’ll will explore, compare and contrast various types of silks, including bombyx, tussah, eri, and mugga. We will also explore different preparations: mawatas/hankies, brick, sliver, and reeled silk.

NOTE:  This workshop is intended to be a “let’s play with different fibers” experience and NOT a breed study.  We will put a bunch of silk fiber in your hands, we’ll discuss the characteristics and best uses for each type, and just generally have fun!  We will also discuss how different methods of preparation will affect your final product.

Spinning Level Required: Comfortable with spinning (can spin a stable, continuous yarn) and looking to explore options.

Students should bring note-taking supplies, a spinning wheel in good working order, extra bobbins, and a lazy kate.

Afternoon Session –
Silk Reeling Demonstration

Terri and Herman Guerette demonstrate how silk fiber is processed into thread for textile use. Terri will cover the various steps in this process, from soaking silkworm cocoons in water to reeling and twisting the filaments into different types of thread. 

In addition to the reeled silk thread, Terri always has a variety of different types, species and preparations of silk available for viewing (and touching, of course!).

Silk Fiber will be provided to members who participate in the program for a $10 material fee (the full cost will be subsidized by the guild).

If you are interested in becoming a member of the guild, please contact or sign up here

Welcome to the home of the Nutmeg Spinners Guild