Nutmeg Spinners Guild

Welcome to the Nutmeg Spinners Guild! Our June Meeting Info is Here!

Welcome to the home of the Nutmeg Spinners Guild!

The Nutmeg Spinning Guild meeting for Saturday, June 7th will be at a different location: Trinity Covenant Church, 302 Hackmatack Street, Manchester, CT. Please drive around to the back of the church to enter!
On Sunday, June 8th we will have a workshop at John Tom Hill Community Center, 159 Marlborough Road, Glastonbury, CT.  You will have one more chance to sign up to attend this workshop on Saturday.  The fee is $40.00 (includes $10 materials fee) and there are only 12 spots left.
Our mentor for June is Joan Ruane.  First a professional teacher and then a spinner, Joan Ruane has been teaching spinning classes throughout the U.S., New Zealand, UK and Canada.  Active in local and regional Guilds, she has also owned and operated fiber shops in both Florida and Arizona.  Joan has published cotton newsletters, written articles for fiber magazines and has published two DVD: Cotton Spinning Made Easy and Cotton Spinning With A Takli.  The book, “Hand Spinning Cotton” by Harry and Olive Linder, has been updated and published by Joan.  Presently Joan is living near Bisbee, Arizona in McNeal, where she raises a small crop of colored and white cotton to use for her own spinning projects.  
Saturday, June 7th will begin with a Lecture:  Cotton from the Plant to Fabric.  The Workshop 
      A takli is a small metal support spindle that is widely used in India.  In Mahatma Gandhi required boys in school to learn how to spin on the takli spindle as well as his parliament.  The spindle is small, easy to carry and you can spin all kinds of short staple fibers as well as cotton on it.  This mini workshop will teach the basic techniques of spinning cotton on this spindle. Takli spindles will be available to use in class.  Spindles will be for sale at the end of the class.  Fee: $5.00 each student.
Sunday, June 8th
Designed for Beginners* and Intermediate Spinners
*Students must be able to treadle their wheel clockwise without any trouble.
COTTON SPINNING MADE EASY: This class is a basic introduction to cotton spinning. It is designed to show how easy it is to spin and to give the spinner an understanding of both cotton and their wheel.  Students learn how and why to adjust their wheel for this fine, short staple fiber.  This workshop gives spinners proper techniques for spinning different forms of cotton fiber from the cotton boll to prepared sliver. Students will learn how to ply cotton and finishing yarns for weaving or knitting will be discussed.
Spinning Wheel, recommend flyer driven wheels.
Lazy kate and 3 bobbins                                                                                   
Carders (prefer cotton carders but wool will do)                                                
Niddy noddy                                                                                                                        
Wheel Maintenance kit
2 paper toilet rolls
3 ring notebook for sample sheets and handouts                                                         4 recommend bringing your own spinning chair or a chair cushion.