Nutmeg Spinners Guild


Welcome to the home of the Nutmeg Spinners Guild! Nutmeg Spinners Guild is Connecticut’s statewide guild for handspinners.  The Guild has been an active part of Connecticut’s fiber arts scene for more than 20 years.  Our membership is large and diverse, coming from throughout Connecticut and nearby states.

We meet five times a year on the first Saturday of the month in October, February, April and June. In December we meet the second Saturday. Meetings run from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

Our next meeting will be on Saturday,  April 6, 2019.

Color and Fiber Blending Workshop
with Deb Quesette

On April 6th, our own Deb Quesette will be offering mentoring on color and fiber blending using hand cards or a drum carder. This meeting will also include our annual pot luck lunch. Please bring your favorite dish to share!

As Deb describes the workshop:

Ever feel like there are too many “rules” to consider in order to be able to make your own yarn? In this workshop, you will have the chance to embrace your inner creative self to create a yarn that reflects your uniqueness. We can experiment with what we like, with what pleases us, to find what fibers and yarns we yearn to use and wear regularly. We will be using hand cards or drum carders to blend fibers and colors together. If you know what you like, you can make a yarn you like!

Several different colors and types of fibers will be provided to work with for a $10 fiber fee. If you have a drum carder or hand cards, please bring them to class for your own use or even to share with others. If you have a pet slicker brush (or two!), you can bring that as well—it’s really just a tiny hand card! I will be bringing my own drum carder and hand cards for those that do not have these tools to use.

I have been working with fiber for over a decade-it started with knitting, then spinning, crochet, hand dyed roving, then into blending with hand cards and drum carders, with a very limited foray into weaving. I went from being someone convinced I didn’t know what it took to work with colors to someone able to dye and blend with confidence. And I’m not done yet!

Looking Ahead

In June we will be renting a program from the Andean Textile Association: Peruvian Textiles in a Box–Program for Guilds. The Association describes the program this way:

Andean Textile Arts is pleased to announce that starting in 2018, we will be offering “Peruvian Textiles in a Box,” a self-guided guild program about the weavers, textiles, and communities around the Sacred Valley of Peru. The program includes video, speaker notes, and a selection of textiles representing the wide variety of weaving structures and designs from the various communities, from intricate warp-faced pickup techniques to tapestry and scaffold-weaving, plus knitting, dyeing, braiding, and more.

Guild President Terri Guerette will be helping spinners learn to use Andean Spindles.

Welcome to the home of the Nutmeg Spinners Guild